Sagittarius Szn 2021 Collective Reading

Welcome to the world of inspired, adventurous, and enthusiastic Sagittarius! Sagittarius encourages us to expand the mind and broaden our points of view through travel and studies. Sagittarius believes there are so many things to do and see in this world, and they want to experience all of it! Unlike introspective Scorpio, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is interested in self-expression and expansion. Sagittarius reminds us to dream big with our aspirations and goals. Optimist Sagittarius believes that we can all achieve our wildest dreams and have everything we could ever want, and more. It’s all about abundance, baby.

In Tarot, the sign of Sagittarius corresponds with the Temperance card. This card is all about balance. The figure depicted on the card has one foot on the ground and one foot in the water. This reminds us to stay grounded but remain fluid enough to deal with anything that comes our way. Temperance encourages us to find peace and tranquility in our lives. We can achieve these through balance and moderation! The figure on the card is pouring water back and forth between two cups, symbolizing the careful balance we all must find.

As always with collective readings, take what resonates, and leave what doesn’t.

What are we currently searching for?

Seven of Pentacles: we are all looking for a break! Luckily for us, Sagittarius coincides with the end-of-year holiday season. During this time, we take a break from work, spend time with loved ones, and eat our hearts out. What’s better than that?! The Seven of Pentacles is all about taking a step back from work, school, and other responsibilities to (1) give ourselves a break and (2) let the situation breathe. We worked hard planting seeds, now we have to step back and let the seeds grow.

How can we find it?

Six of Cups: Nothing is more magical than the holidays as a child. Tap back into this childish wonder! We can achieve rest and rejuvenation through our traditions, family, and inner child. Partake in all your favorite holiday traditions. Which one made you feel pure joy when you were a child? If nothing special comes to mind, start a new tradition this year! Connect with your loved ones, share memories, and let them know how grateful you are for them. Don’t forget to nurture your inner child, too. Let them eat too much sugar and watch those old, goofy holiday movies. Treat your inner child how you wanted to be parented when you were young.

How can we maintain balance in our lives?

Ace of Swords: Balance is not an easy thing to find. And once we find it, there’s no guarantee that it will stay for long. It requires constant work, effort, and attention on our part! We can maintain balance in our lives by being aware. What good habits do you have? What comes easy? Alternatively, what do you struggle with? Recognize your patterns, habits, tendencies, anything that affects how you balance your work and play. We can all achieve in our lives, but we have to use our wits and reason to get ourselves back to equilibrium.

How can we expand our minds?

Five of Cups: what a philosophical answer to this question, which is so on-brand for Sagittarius season! We can expand our minds by changing our perspectives. Maybe there is something you are ignoring or are unaware of. Perhaps you need to educate yourself on a specific topic. Whatever the case is, we need to expand our points of view.

How can we let more abundance into our lives?

Five of Pentacles: We’ve been working hard to cultivate abundance. You may feel like you have no choice but to put your head down, work hard, and hope that someday it’ll pay off. Let me rock your world: you don’t have to suffer in order to receive abundance! Don’t give in to “grind culture.” The Seven of Pentacles already told us that we need a break. The Five of Pentacles is encouraging us to ask for help if we feel overwhelmed and turn towards loved ones for support.

What is our next adventure?

Page of Swords: The world is our oyster! This card encourages us to dive headfirst into our wildest dreams. That thing you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t yet for whatever reason? Yes, that thing. That’s your next adventure.

I hope the collective reading resonated with you. Good luck this Sagittarius season, don't be afraid to dream big and shoot for the stars!

You can try this spread yourself. Let me know if you try it!

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